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We carry a variety  of other hat styles and assorted colors that will let you choose the right hat or cap for your individual personality and lifestyle.  We carry these selections in both summer and winter grades and carry some of them in size 2x.  We offer the Kangol beret, pork pie, derby's, newsboy's , and the detective Watsons hats known as derby's or bowler hats. along with other flat cap styles  and the elegant top hat.  We are also proud to carry a selection of military cadets caps that express  our support for our military.  We now carry the Cedric the Entertainer flat cap collection along with Carlos Santana's cadet collection and Brixton. Many of these styles are popular in both men and women fashions.  Please enjoy our gallery below.

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We have the Kangol full back and flat cap in various colors.

The Newsboy cap is a Flat Style Cap and became popular in Europe and North America in the late 19th and early 20th century.  It was worn by both men and boys.  Flat caps were popular in the early 20th century and worn by 'lower' class workers such as newsboys, dockworkers and farmers but was also worn by artisans.  Higher class sportsmen, drivers and golfers also sported this as a leisure hat. Although traditionally a men's cap, it has seen a resurgence in popularity with women.  It is a favorite among the hipster and nerd subcultures.​

The Kangol hat was founded in 1938 by Polish-born World War I veteran Jacques Spreiegen.  Kangol (the K from silk, the Ang from angora, and the OL from wool) was produced for workman, golfers and especially the soldiers. During and after the war the Kangol berets were the height of fashion.  In the 1960's, designer Mary Quant and Pierre Cardin worked with the company and graced the heads of the rich and famous including the Beatles  and Arnold Palmer.  In the 1980's, Kangol berets made another entry in the fashion industry adopted by the hip hop community. Today, these hats are still popular and worn by Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Eubanks among other very cool celebrities. We carry these hats in assorted colors.​

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The Derby hat is also known as a bowler or bilycock.  It is usually black but can be found in other colors and are commonly made from felt.  This hat was invented by British game warden James Coke in 1850.  It was invented to be a sturdy hat to wear while riding on horseback.  The derby hat became iconic in art, theatre and literature.  It was very popular at the end of the 19th century and was worn by all social classes because it was mass produced for affordability.  Comedy stars Laurel and Hardy wore this hat as well as silent film star Charlie Chaplin.  The Kentucky Derby hat is traditionally worn by women and is very decorative while the men's version reflect the 1920's style.  Derby hats that were sold to women in the 1920's were referred to as a bowler hat.  This style is very popular with the steam punkers.​Derby's, ( bowlers) were known as the Sherlock Holmes and Watson's hats and are still a very popular hat within the hat industry.

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The top hat is a formal type of headwear for men and originated in the early 19th century. It was a favorite for President Abraham Lincoln and other prominent businessmen in the 1800's.  It is still associated with elegance and formal attire but the steampunkers are giving this hat its comeback.

We hope you enjoy looking at our selection below that is available at Heritage Hats Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona.  We offer a larger selection in the store and we look forward to helping you select the right unique hat or cap for your individual fashion style and purpose. 

The Pork Pie hat is a term used to refer to three or four different styles of a hat that has been popular in one context or another since the middle 19th century.  Around 1830, the first pork pie hat was worn by women and lasted through the civil war.  It continued its' popularity with the 1920's silent movie actor Buster Keaton. During the 1930's and 1940's, its' popularity soared.  Among the famous wearers of the pork pie during this era was Frank Lloyd Wright and  jazz saxophonist Lester Young who not only wore this hat but wrote the song "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat".  Also in the 1940's, the African American culture wore their own version that added color and decoration.  After 1950, the hat maintained its' popularity in the American music culture, particularly jazz, blues and ska.  Today's pork pie is associated with the Hipster culture and you could wear this to a jazz club or a pool Hall.  It's a Tom Waits, Johnny Thunder kind of hat.  Bryan Cranston's  character Walter White wore a pork pie hat in Breaking Bad when he appears as his alter ego "Heinsenberg".​