So when you're expected to show up for a party with a 1920s theme you need to buy that perfect hat.... to go with the pinstripe suit.... which led me to this place and Oh Em Triple Gee.... it doesn't get better than this.... billions of hats of all types and styles .....who knew they've been here for over 30 years.... and I used to live just up the street from them..... the owner is great and friendly. I even got to meet his dogs, little rescue cases just like mine! You have to visit to believe it!

9/20/2015_ Sarah N. , Peoria, Az. 5 star rating

This hat shop is amazing! There must be over 1000 hats in his store. Every time I go in, I see something new! The owner, Rich, is so knowledgeable about hats that its mesmerizing. If there isn't a hat for you in his store, it must not exist. I love stopping in and chit chatting about the new styles! He can clean hats for a cheap price and his work is top notch!

Dan Herald 5 star rating

REPLY: Thanks Dan for the kind review, actually, there are around three thousand hats in the store, glad you like the store, and thanks so much for your support over the years, Rich

Such a great store! I’ve been looking for a flat cap and the only place I knew to get them was online until I found this gem of a store! Everything in the west valley is just western and sports caps so I was pleasantly surprised to find Heritage Hats; Everything from flat caps and fedoras to bowlers and western hats! They are also reasonably priced. I’ll definitely be coming back when I need another hat!

5 star yelp review, Goodyear Arizona

I prefer fedoras and typically have a difficult time finding good hat stores with a decent selection, well this place is excellent!! If you can’t find a hat of your liking here you’ll never find one. Great selection of all kinds of hats and Rich was very helpful and nice to chat with. I shall definitely return for another visit.

5.0 star rating 3/27/2015 GOOGLE REVIEW

​Just stopped in to get a new Cowboy hat after 10 years with the same old one. Crazy thing is the guy, (Rich Glisson) recognized my old straw hat and knew what I did not, that it was called a Wagoneer. He was helpful, and in the end I chose a hat he had designed himself and had made as part of the Larry Mahan collection. It’s an awesome hat and I won’t see it on lots of others as it’s only for his store. Got it stretched slightly to fit my head shape and away I went. A great selection of hats, more than I had seen anywhere else. Highly recommended! 

This was the best hat buying experience ever. I was looking for a Stetson and he (Rich Glisson) had the biggest selection I had ever seen. There is a lot of history at this store. I will be back time and time again. Thank you again for the wonderful experience.

Greg V. Victorville, Ca. Five star rating – Yelp review​

Five star rating – Google review​

Stopped by to purchase a new hat after researching hat shops on the internet.  I found out you won't find a nicer more helpful owner or better selection that Rich and Heritage Hats!  Of course you cannot leave with only one hat!  In fact I decided I need another hat, and am going by there on my way home at the end of the month!  Rich knows hats and will personally custom fit a hat for you right on the spot.  So good to see someone who does what he loves and loves what he does!  See you again Rich in a couple weeks for that other new hat I "need"!  

Mark Rodenberg 1/25/2016 (Facebook review 5 star)

This is the only store to buy quality hats that will last.  I would think of even trying to compare the hats you'll find anywhere else to these.  You will pay a little more, but they will last far beyond your expectations. 

Jason Wolf, 12/15 (Facebook review 5 star)

A 5 star experience. Rich Glisson is the real deal. Love my new hat, love the store. Rich has perfected the balance between the right amount of hands-on experience (if you need it) yet can also step back and give the customer time to look around, without being in your face. Great vibes in the store. If you’re in Phoenix and you need a hat, this is your spot.
Rich Glisson's Heritage Hats is a truly amazing shop. And I've visited many hat shops across the US. In fact, I make it a point of visiting any and every independent hat store in every town I visit. And in all aspects - from layout, selection, knowledge and in-store availability (Heritage Hats maintains one of the largest and most diverse inventories I've run across) - Rich has created the ultimate hat lover's place.He is a master storyteller in and around all that is hats. He is the keeper of hat history and lore, a master of the art and craft. He has done his community proud.

Rick TJ, Patagonia,
Arizona, 5 star rating!

We were visiting from Tuscaloosa Alabama, but I had read about HERITAGE HATS online and wanted to shop for a hat. Great selection, and we liked the fact that we were allowed to wander around and look. If we had a question, we could get help, but no hard sell. Rich Glisson seems like a real nice guy and was very informative. My wife even found a hat she liked.

(Facebook review)

Rich took the time to educate my girlfriend and I about all things pertaining to western hats. He is an interesting and patient gentleman who cares about satisfying his customers needs. I would give Heritage Hats my highest recommendation.

( YellowPages review)

"We drove up from Tucson to get a hat for my husband's birthday! Incredible selection, reasonably priced, high quality hats... western, fedora, panama, straw, oh my!!

Dawn E., Windsor Ca.  

2/6/2014 I am from NC and did some research before visiting family in Phoenix, I knew I had to visit Heritage Hats. It was one of those places that seemed to good to be true. I was very happy to find out that everything I read was true. There are thousands of hats, the owner is a great guy, fabulous customer service. I bought 2 hats and could not be happier. They had exactly what I was looking for, a pinch front hat with a 3 1/2" brim, not your everyday hat and in my size. It is like a visit to the good old days of dealing directly with the owner, getting sound advice and top notch service. Hard to beat, I whole-heartedly recommend Heritage Hats. Besides, the owner is a dog lover, you know he has to be a great guy. Five star rating.

David B. Raleigh, N.C.

I stopped in today and bought a Panama from Rich. What a great hat shop. Awesome selection! I almost bought one off the Internet and changed my mind when I found this shop. No more guessing and being disappointed when the hat arrives. You can go to a real hat shop and try on the perfect hat. I drove 30 miles to shop here and it was worth it. I will be going back and I advise anyone that is looking for the right hat to stop wasting time and get your a $$over to see Rich and start enjoying your new hat. Over and out!

Jim C., Gilbert, Arizona

I recently had my grandfather's tweed hat cleaned that was at least 30 years old. It was extremely dirty and it came out great. Hat cleaning is difficult to find and we are fortunate to have an experienced person in our town. I highly recommend this place for hat cleaning and new hats as well. Great selection.

B.J. DeLair, Phoenix, Arizona

5.0 star rating. I have somewhat of a hat addiction and unfortunately in the Phoenix Metro area the pickings are very slim for a hat store that offers a wide variety of hats outside of the Cowboy variety. So when I discovered Heritage Hats I was pleasantly surprised.The store is quite large with the entire front room dedicated to western style hats. While this is not my thing , it appeared as though you would have no problem finding a suitable one.Now the back room is where I discovered what I was looking for. Fedoras, Trilby's, Pork Pies, Flat Caps, Boaters, Derby's, Bowlers, Panamas and many more. The color and style selection is actually overwhelming. I suggest going in with some time on your hands to really look around and try on the different styles.I ended up picking out a wool felt Stingy Fedora and a crush-able woven Stingy Fedora. Rich, the owner, applied a free stain guard to both hats. I also appreciated that Rich does not hover around while you are browsing, but offers just the right amount of assistance. A truly wonderful experience!

Troy H., Phoenix AZ

Arizona I have been looking for a Pork Pie hat so I can be Heisenberg from the popular "Breaking Bad" series for Halloween. I usually like to shop on line but thought it best to try a hat on before buying it. A quick call verified that Heritage Hats had what I was looking for in stock, Pork Pie hats are almost impossible to find because of the series and Halloween. The owner, Rich, said he would put the hat aside for me and off I went. The giant "HATS" sign on the west side of Cave Creek Rd. is impossible to miss. When I walked in I was completely blown away by the sheer number, variety and styles of hats they carry. I'm not a hat person per se but I found the selection irresistible. Rich is also very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and I ended up walking out with another hat in addition to the one I originally intended to purchase. I will be back for more! I give HERITAGE HATS in Phoenix, Arizona a 5 star rating!!

Adam G. , Cave Creek

There just are not too many places like this left...where the owner lives and breathes what he does and as he told me "I cannot imagine doing anything else..." This is like the Italian restaurant where Mama still makes the pasta by hand. I am a midwesterner but love to check out western wear when I come out here. Most of the 'boot places' just don't do the hats well, but this place has got to be the Taj Mahal of hat places. I was schooled in the particulars of quality hats! Yes, I DID buy a hat on the owners recommendation after we spent a half an hour together. Don't go to Hats 'R Us, go to this place!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Zelazny, 10/18/13

I went into HERITAGE HATS in Phoenix yesterday to look for a hat, and I ended up walking out with three hats. Great shop, good people and they have a great website also. Actually it was four hats, my wife ended up getting a hat also.

Jeff S. Phoenix, AZ, 10/18/2013

Heritage Hats is truly the best hat shop I've seen. Rich is great. Very personable, knowledgeable and accommodating. He spent an hour with me helping me find the perfect hat. He even went so far as to change the style of the brim in his workshop in the back. You can tell how passionate he is about his work. There is a reason Heritage has been around as long as it has. I plan on popping in and supporting Rich every time I come through. You should do the same.

James M. Mystic, Ct, 10/10/2013

A friend of mine was just diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, right behind her ear, so I stopped in here to get a hat that will cover up my ears (no more ball caps for me at the barn). Rich was extremely helpful. He picked out several hats for me to try on, based on my face shape and when I picked the right one, he steamed and shaped it perfectly. He was friendly (so were his dogs), very knowledgeable and I could tell he is passionate about what he does. This is the service only a local, small business can provide and I'm happy to support him. I was on my way to a big, national store when I saw his HATS sign. I'm so glad I stopped in...

M.M., Yelp review, 9/2013

This is the best hat store I have ever been to! The store owner is incredibly friendly and helped us sort out through the sizing and the different styles. Also, if you do see the store's videos online and you're wondering: Yes, the store IS that big and does have that many hats! This is a must if you would like to buy a hat!

Adriano Navarro, Google Review, 09/2013

I'm new to the hat world, so of course sought out some of the premier hats available on the Internet. Hats, however, must be tried on and the *only* place in town that has anything close to a quality selection of high end hats is Heritage Hats. Not only does he have an extensive selection of hats, he has all sizes in each. After finding the perfect Akubra, I was also able to pick up a quality Fedora.Oh, and Rich (the owner), will go the extra mile to find the hat for you and will re-size it to fit exactly, including cutting the brim back (as I did) and forming the head band. Outstanding all the way around.

Andy G., Goodyear, Arizona 9/9/2013

This is a great hat shop, hundreds of styles to choose from and great friendly service. Highly recommend this shop if you're looking for any kind of western hat.

Bill Benson - Google Review 08/30/13

I purchased a Panama hat at Heritage Hats today, my second purchase at the store in the last couple years. Rich knows his stuff and has a huge inventory of hats of all types and descriptions. It was a delightful shopping experience and I heartily recommend Heritage Hats to anyone in the market for a quality men's hat.

Dennis B - YELP review 7/26/2013

Marshall Terrill: Google review

Quality: Excellent, Appeal: Excellent, Service: Excellent
I needed help with identifying rare cowboy hats for an auctioneer and found it was taking me weeks to do the research. I found out about Heritage Hats through an associate and was amazed by the knowledge of the owner, Rich Glisson. I came to discover that hats are not only his vocation but his passion. So hats off to Heritage Hats and Rich for your kindness to a stranger who needed some help. P.S. I ended up buying a really cool leather hiking hat and love it!

2/12/2013 - Yelp review

If you're looking for a cowboy hat, they got you in spades! Lots and lots and LOTS of cowboy hats. The front room is full of almost nothing but cowboy hats. If you're looking for a panama hat or fedora, they have lots of those as well. And if you're looking for a cap (think Andy Capp), they have plenty of those. Good selection of pork pie hats and more hipster type fedoras , if that's what you're looking for.

The gentleman who helped me was friendly and helpful. There's a HUGE red "HATS "sign outside, which somehow I missed. Twice. Once you're inside, you know you're in a HAT SHOP! The place is packed to the gills in hats. I did find it nice to be able to walk into a hat shop, try on the hat, and try other hats while you're at it.

I'm sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for here.


If you enjoy wearing hats of any kind, or want to buy a gift for someone who does, Heritage Hats is worth a trip out to the North part of Phoenix. Rich, the owner, is very helpful and the store regularly puts out new models from different manufacturers. Fun shop to visit and pleasant folks to do business with.

Christian M. Ambler, PA - YELP review 3/15/2013

Excellent Appeal Excellent Service

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent Finding the perfect hat is tough in this internet age. You might see one on the web, but you need to put it on your head and make sure it's "the one". Can't do that on the internet. Rich welcomes you into his store and gives you personal service like an old friend. He'll make sure the hat fits, and will steam and form it, and tell you how to take care of it for years enjoyment. If you're looking for a quality hat that will last a lifetime, go to Heritage Hats, on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Google User review

Heritage Hats in Phoenix, AZ

I have accumulated a number of hats during vacations and adventures over the years. I have mostly Australians and hiking hats, and was looking for a quality fedora. After a brief web search, I was happy to find Heritage Hats, a local Phoenix hat shop with a great selection, prices, and history in Arizona. Heritage Hats has a huge selection of quality Australian, hiking, Western hats as well as Fedoras and Panama hats. Rich took the time to meet with me, discuss available options, and fit my chosen hat. I don't need to look anywhere else - I have my eyes on a Panama for the summertime, and would like to get a Western hat made by Rich.

Yahoo review by Paul J.
Glendale, Arizona

Jan 06, 2013

Excellent Service

I was looking for a fedora and I ended finding one here but if you look around, no matter what kind of hat you are looking for they have it. Trust me on this one. They have hats upon hats and the owner Rich is very knowledge about every single one of them. I'll definitely be coming back for a cowboy hat or two in my future. A excellent place to shop!

Justin Freeman review

Largest and best hat shop I have seen!

I found Heritage Hats on a web search preceding our family vacation to Arizona; it was the first stop from the airport en-route to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. It is the largest and best hat shop I have seen. Rich was a gracious host to our children as I wandered and enjoyed his large inventory of quality hats. Rich is a nice man who knows his product and is not pushy or stingy with his time or experience. I chose an Akubra "Territory" and Rich trimmed 1/2 inch from the brim. We proceeded to enjoy a winter week in Arizona. Our return to the airport required another visit...Rich patiently helped with choices and sizing issues, and kindly dealt with shipping the additional hats home. They arrived today. Great service and quality product. I recommend Heritage Hats as the place to go. The kids loved the dogs.

Hugh, YELP review 1/7/2013

No place like it!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to stumble into Heritage Hats in Phoenix, Arizona. I went in with only a vague idea of what I wanted. Upon entering the store my vague idea became generalized befuddlement. The selection was huge. The number of different types of hats and then the styles within each type followed by the sizes in each style made NOT finding a hat pretty much impossible. Still, with so many types, materials, styles and sizes to choose from, I resigned myself to spending quite a bit of time looking and then deciding. The owner, Rich Glisson, greeted me and listened carefully to my fuzzy idea of what I was thinking of in a hat. I don't know about you, but listening has become a lost art, but one that produces results for the speaker and the listener and Rich is good at it. I'm guessing he might have done this once or twice before in his 28 years in the hat business. After a few moments of thought he said, "Let me show you a few you might like and that I think would look good on you." You would expect the proprietor of a store to carry a complete inventory in his head and the owner of Heritage Hats does. But to find the perfect item among several hundred similar items is truly finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. The first hat he picked was, for me, "the one," however my guide insisted I try on a few others. Each would have worked admirably, but Rich's first choice for me was the best choice in my book. Having come to a decision on which hat, it was time to concentrate on size. I don't live in the States, so Rich knew this hat had to fit correctly. With sizing out of the way, he whisked my hat away, worked a bit of magic on it, explained care and maintenance to me and I was on my way in short order. Arrange the checklist to suit your own needs, but for type, material, style, size and price, I doubt you could find a better place to select the perfect hat for you. Step inside the shop and you'll know this is your go-to place for hats. If you live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area or even if you are just passing through, put Heritage Hats high on your things-to-do list. You will be glad you did.

Puravidakfr, 6/1/12

I figured it would take a few hundred $to get a truly fitted hat constructed the way I wanted, even in Arizona. Not at all. There's a well kept secret in Phoenix....Heritage Hats. I found exactly what I didn't know I wanted, put the look all together with the right bands and then Rich played with it for a while to get it to where it was a perfect fit. I got all I needed to know about the care & feeding of my new hat, cleaning items and have gotten numerous complements all over the country for this hat. There really is not much more you can ask from a store! Bring him a pepperoni pizza and you will have a friend for life. This is a good thing.


I wanted to purchase a fedora and had questions about sizing and style. I went to Heritage Hats on Cave Creek Road for help. The owner helped me find exactly what I was looking for and provided excellent blocking and advice to fit my preferences, exactly. I had one of my best shopping experiences in a long time. I feel lucky to have found the store because there are no other full service hat shops left in town. Even though I live in Tempe, I will definitely shop there in the future.


Quality: Excellent
Appeal: Excellent
Service: Excellent

This is a great local business and the owner, Rich, is very knowledgeable and kind. I am thoroughly enjoying the hat I purchased recently and it was a great hit when we gigged in Jerome and Cottonwood this past weekend. I would highly recommend this store to anyone interested in fine western hats.
Dillon Ruggiero - 10/29/12

Heritage Hats in Phoenix, Arizona is amazing

I know I've brought this store up before but I am amazed every time I go in...and a few dollars light too ;-) The owner Rich is what you'd want out of a Small Business owner. 28 years experience and a huge amount of hats Panamas, Fedoras, Western, Open Roads...even the new Strats. Blocking, Cleaning, and modifications. He does it all. Super friendly. If you cant find what u want there it doesn't exist.
easportsracer13 - post on 10/06/12

Agreed, great store, great proprietor

I went to his store once to see his selection of Akubra. He had what I was looking for, but since it wasn't a hat for me, I managed to get out without a purchase....that time (3 hours later, anyway).

A few weeks later I returned with the intended target: My girlfriend wanted an Akubra Territory but didn't know her size or how it would fit. My previous field trip was to ascertain whether he stocked that hat, and he did. I brought her this time and she loved the hat and bought it. Even though I swore I wouldn't buy another hat, I ended up with what is now one of my favourites in my rotation: an Open Road. The proprietor has excellent patience, loves to talk hats, and takes no offense if you don't buy (a nice no-pressure salesman).

I only had one, minor issue and that was when he tried to take the GF's Territory and apply shellac and water-protection spray to it (to be fair, this has happened in almost every hat shop I've been to). While I appreciate the gesture to make a customer's hat waterproof and keep its shape, and indeed it may be necessary for some hats, I did not feel it necessary nor warranted for an Akubra (based solely on my experience with my Fed IV, which has never undergone such treatment and has experienced many interesting weathers). However, when I expressed my desire to pass on it, he did not push the issue.

I would recommend this store to anyone looking to get in to hats, as the selection is huge, the prices are right, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I will certainly be going back.
tealseal - post on 10/06/12

I visited Heritage Hats while in town prior to a holiday week-end and brought in two of my father's hats that needed to be cleaned and blocked. I requested them in time for me to head out after the holiday and Rich not only had them looking brand new, he delivered early (working over the holiday week-end) and provided a custom fit. Next time I need a hat I am heading to Heritage Hats in Phoenix. Thank you Rich.
Dan DeGooyer 8/6/12

HERITAGE HATSHOP in Phoenix, Arizona, a truly fantastic store. The selection and quality of products was phenomenal, and the service was truly amazing. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Purchasing my new, now favourite, hat was a great, enjoyable and memorable experience! This was definitely worth the trip up from Tucson, Arizona.

Jessa Vatcher 6/20/12

Best place to find all kinds and qualities of cowboys hats. The hat cleaning service was worth every dollar! Gave us another year's worth of use!

Abby, 5/19/12

If you are looking for a hat store with an enormous selection then look no further, just go to Heritage Hats! My son and I were on vacation and he was looking for a hat to take home. We were so delighted to see the hundreds of Panama hats in stock. Rich really made us feel welcome and his knowledge of hats is amazing! We will definitely stop back in on our next trip.

Sandy, Paragould AR


Wow! What a great shop! I've searched all over Phoenix & Arizona for a particular cowboy hat. None of the "big" stores, Boot Barn, Sheplers, etc. had it. But Heritage Hats did! Plus thousands of others. Plus Rich is awesome to work with, very friendly & helpful! I wish I had gone here first. I'll definitely be back to buy my next hat.
Liked: Service

By Chaz, 1/29/12

Heritage Hats in Phoenix, AZ

One of the coolest hat shops around. The owner has been working with hats for quite awhile now. And you'll never meet a friendlier guy. He also does custom work (I just had a Stetson reshaped) as well. I've been to his place many times and I always come back. In today's world of lousy customer service, he really shines as a man who knows how to treat a customer. Check it out if your ever in the Valley of the Sun.

Its called Heritage Hats.
13602 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Phoenix Arizona.

Jan 26, 2012

For hats, this is the spot!

This is a true find! I brought in a hat which belonged to my great-grandfather, which needed to be cleaned and re-shaped. I spoke with the owner, Rich, who was extremely knowledgeable about the brand and style. He finished the job in a few hours and the hat looks fantastic! I would recommend this shop for all hat needs.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 1/24/12


I wanted to find a shop that could form a hat for me. After searching the internet I came upon HERITAGE HATS. After reviewing their internet presentation, I knew right away this was the place. I drove from Prescott Valley, AZ. The next day, and within ten minutes upon arrival, the hat work was done to my satisfaction......Don't waste your time looking for a shop that can handle all your hat needs.......Before I left, I had purchased two new hats at a reasonable price.

A+ Thanks Rich

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 1/6/12
Phil Robinson - Prescott Valley, AZ. 

This is where to buy your hat! We saw Rich on the internet and were happy we found him. His 30yrs experience as sole proprietor is invaluable. Highly recommend!
Liked: Service

Gloria - Dec 3, 2011

The saleman was friendly and very knowledgeable. And the selection was enormous! I was looking for a Panama hat as a Christmas gift and ended up buying a couple. Prices were reasonable too! I would highly recommend this store for a great selection of hat wear!

Dec 5, 2011

the ultimate hat buying experience!!!

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 11/26/11

Outstanding shop, excellent selection and competitive prices....Rich, the owner, is over the top helpful! I will be a customer for life....

Yahoo Travel Review

I recently moved to Phoenix from Montana. During the move my favorite 30X Resistol was damaged. I took it to another well known store in Scottsdale to see if they could fix it but they almost made it worse. Feeling a bit beat down I strolled into Heritage without much hope. Not having anything to lose, I left it to see what they could do to at least make it presentable. When I got the call a few days later I couldn't believe he said it was "as good as new". Sure enough, it was. It was cleaned, blocked and literally no sign of the nasty crease in it. This guy has mastered the lost art of being a hatter. On top of that, I picked up a couple of knock-arounds from the ridiculously large selection. Great place. Too bad I don't wear Fedora hats or Panama hats cause they've got a ton.

Oct 17, 2011

Stopped in to pick up a hat for my brother-in-law because I couldn't find what I wanted at any of the department stores. This place is the real deal. They have hats for everyone and every occasion. Not only did I pick up a nice fedora hat for my Sisters' Husband but also grabbed two Panama hats for my grandfather. Maybe next time I'll grab a couple for myself.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars by Tom 10/17/2011

Heritage Hat Company WOW what a great place for hats. I have many hats baseball and western. but I was looking for a different style. when i walked in I was greated by Rich the owner and asked if if needed help, I told him I was looking for a Fedora or Panama style and said right this way I figured he might have a couple I was surprised to find a whole room. it took me an hour just to look and try on different styles. when I could find mine ,Rich was right there and dug out just what I needed. the prices are great also. I only bought 1 hat today but will return soon to buy more. what great place. the building is old but what is inside will amaze you. check it out. Rich and Heritage Hats has won my business.

Phoenix, AZ 9/27/2011

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Heritage Hats is the all in one store for hats. The selection of hats is phenomenal not just a couple of each style but dozens. there are hundreds and hundreds of hats in this place Fedoras, Panamas, Westerns, Aussie, Derbies, english driving hats, and even a few old style Top Hats. I love hats and this is my new candy store. Rich the owner is great, very knowledgeable, friendly, and really helpful. The prices here are better then anywhere I have seen. top Quality Hats at reasonable prices. I will be back many times to get more hats and have a few of my old ones repaired.

by James 09/27/2011

Western and More

I have been a customer of Heritage Hats for several years, everytime we have been in, we are overwhelmed with the selection. I recently viewed a segment on Arizona Highways. They covered the history of Rich and the beginings of Heritage Hats, in Phoenix. The word needs to get out that he not only services and sells western hats but all the popular styles. He carries the largest selection of Fedoras and panama hats in the valley. Let's support our local merchants.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 9/21/11

Wandered in the other day with my Borsalino needing a cleaning and a Stetson needing a brim trim. Rich, the owner/operator, wrote me up a receipt, promising to have the hat cleaned and ready for pickup within 3 days. He then took me to the back of the shop and talked to me about what I was trying to accomplish with the hat. After some discussion, he helped me determine what width I should go with, and trimmed the brim right then and there for me. He hooked up the steamer and shaped the brim for me and after some nice conversation, sent me on my way to complete my conversion.I did learn that he is the ONLY hat shop remaining in Phoenix, and has a large selection of hats; cowboy, fedora, straw, just about anything you could ask for. Just wanted to give him props and let folks here know he is pretty easy to work with.


Rich is a top notch guy with a great selection. I've brought many hats to reshape there and treated with the utmost customer service. He just placed his fall winter line. He told me he getting Stratoliners and Saxons in almost every color. He also gets them 3 weeks early from any other local retailer. He has I'd say over 100 styles of fedoras, and double that cowboy hats.

Don Johnson

Buy all my hats here!

I found the selection of all types of hats comprehensive! The salesman was knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. He helped me find my first Stetson Cowboy hat in my big size. In addition he got me a summer Stetson to greet my new grandson for the first time! Thank you Heritage Hats...Ed C, Long Island, NY This store went the extra mile to get my LARGE SIZE hats .

Ed - 8/20/11

Well, I'm pretty much over the fedora look - I wanted something a bit more sophisticated (I'm not 21 or a hipster) so after a recent trip to Santa Barbara where I noticed several stylish people wearing the Panama hat style - I search everywhere in the malls - no luck - I know, your probably thinking why not buy on the Internet? Well, I have a really small head - a peanut head as my hubby refers to it! So I need to try hats on! I found Heritage hats - I walked it - told the owner what I wanted i was looking for a boom - I was in love (with the hat that is). He fitted it to me - did something cool to the brim - sprayed it - and I was gone outta there and am planning on rockin' my hat at a polo match next weekend in Santa Barbara.

Sandra S. - Paradise Valley, AZ -  7/2/2011

When your out and about in Phoenix  and you really do need a lid to keep the sun of you head and face go to Heritage Hats.  This place is literally LIDSVILLE.    It is wall to wall with hats.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  I have a vast collection (21) of Fedoras, Panamas, Straw, Outback and yes, even a couple of western lids.  I started my collection years ago (1999) and have been coming here ever since.  I have traveled around Arizona and stopped at numerous hat shops but always end up back at Rich's Heritage Hats.  You seriously cannot walk away with just one lid.  If your a dog lover you'll even like his "hired help" Nickers and Bailey, his 2 mini-schnauzers.  They will really HOWWWLLLL for a treat.  Rich's knowledge and selection are fabulous.  He will form and fit any lid you choose.  Be prepared to look a while, because like I said it is wall to wall.  So get that sun off your head and put a LID ON IT.

Terrence F. - Phoenix, AZ -  7/2/2011

When its hot like to day 114* and you need a lid Heritage Hats is the place to go. I already have a vast collection (21) of Fedoras, Panamas, Straw, even a couple of western lids that I have bought over the years. My collection has been built solely of lids from my friend Rich's shop-Heritage Hats. His knowledge and selection of lids are fabulous. Why you can even visit and feed the animals, Nickers and Bailey (mini-schnauzers) they will love you for it. There are so many lids in this place you seriously cannot walk out with just one. So next time you are in the area feel free to come in out of the sun and see which lid tickles your fancy. You won't regret it.

Review Date: 07/02/2011

My kind of lids

I have been buying my lids from Rich at Heritage Hats since 2005. I have a vast collection of Fedoras, Panamas, Straws and even a western lid. Rich as a enormous selection of lids to choose from. He is knowledgeable and always helpful and courteous. He also has two little friends, Bailey and Knickers (mini-schanauzers) who are a hoot. I get great compliments about my lids and always refer people to Heritage Hats. Hats off to ya.

Rich - By A Yahoo! Contributor, 6/27/11

It's often amazed me that we appear to have so few hat shops for the UV intensive lifestyle we have here. The large outdoor outfitters have a limited range, both in size and style, and ordering mail order is a great way to end up with an ill fitting hat. All of the above is why I'm glad to have found this place.

This place has a large selection of western (cowboy), Australian, Panama, etc from many makers and reasonable prices to boot.
Review by john p. - 05/20/2009

The only place I shop at for a new Cowboy Lid

I have shopped here for bout 4 years now and the selection and service is always top notch and reminds me of a time when customers were treated like family. I have worked at one of the local western stores and still shopped at Heritage. I wouldn't think too much bout the negative review(s) as the competition is brutal and some people will do almost anything to discredit this store and or its owner. He is a nice fella and you will not be disappointed when ya shop here.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 12/22/10

Best Friend

Rich's customers are given the respect that is deserved and as it is given to him as a well established business owner with almost 30 years in the business. He is knowledgeable, sociable, and helpful. You won't find this type of service in this field anywhere else in the Phoenix area. All his western hat customers have been going to him for their hats for many years. My custom made had that he made for me will last me the rest of my life. I am glad to see you on the web where so many more people can find your type of store.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 11/15/10

Great Selection

My friend & I stopped by Heritage Hats to find a hat for him. He's pretty demanding, but the selection was so excellent that he was able to find what he wanted. Rich was very knowledgeable and informative. And yes, the dogs (now 2) were nice and playful, too.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 1/16/08

Shop here first!

During our wandering vacation we searched most all of Arizona for a hat that I would like and one that would fit my big head. All others (when I could get service), told me that I was out of luck. One hour before our flight left, we wandered into Heritage Hats. Should have stopped there first. The man knows his hats, has more in stock hats in more sizes than any other store. Got home and checked the price I paid and was extra pleased. Do yourself a big favor. Stop here first. Nice dog too.

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 3/25/06

Heritage Hats is Good

The staff was very friendly and helpful in finding the specific hat we were looking for. The hats are of high quality. If you are looking for a better quality I would go here again.

Sarah J.

Rich, the owner of this establishment, was very friendly and helpful. There was no pressure to purchase; he left us alone to browse and offered advice when asked. He has 2 of the cutest mini-schnauzers there, both of whom offered free kisses. Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Would recommend this store to anyone. Just remember to not judge the outside decor; the inside is much cleaner and professional.

Gabby Q.

loyal customer

My husband and myself have been purchasing our hats from Heritage Hats for over 20 years and we not only purchase our hats there but we have our hats cleaned and blocked at Heritage Hats every couple of years. We had some friends who had some older hats they were going to throw away and we suggested that they take their hats to Rich and have them cleaned and blocked. They were so happy with the results that not only do they take their hats in for routine cleaning and blocking, they also recommend Heritage Hats to their friends for both new hats and maintenance of their current hats. Thanks Rich for making people who love hats have a place to purchase them and also maintain them and be educated on hats!!!

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 2/3/11

This was the second true hat store I have been to. My first experience was with Goorin's in San Francisco and the second was Heritage Hat. By "true" I mean a hat store that sells all sorts of quality hats that are not affiliated with a professional sports franchise. These hats are meant for style.

The giant "HATS" sign gives it away... Heritage Hats sells HATS! When Shara (girlfriend) and I first walked in we were welcomed by a sea of various western/cowboy hats. Not my speed, but I'm sure many would appreciate the collection. The adjacent room was filled with numerous fedoras and panama styled hats (my speed).

I was looking for a specific style for an event that Shara and I are going to attend and I had a difficult time choosing the best of many hats. I ended up choosing two.

I was extremely pleased with my purchase and will return soon.

Blaine T., 21/3/11

Traditional men wear hats.

I found a great hat shop in Phoenix. They had some Stetson fedoras that were 1920′s style, and I bought two. The company was cleaning out an old warehouse in MO and came across the old molds and decided to make a run of them. I’ve never found a fedora I like better, before or since. (Heritage Hats on Cave Creek road.)

Tom B,   10/09/09

Rich was so helpful and knowledgeable as we had many choices in selecting the "just right" cowboy/cowgirl hat for my wife and myself. Very friendly and willing to custom fit/steam each hat to properly fit our heads. It was apparent to us that Heritage Hats is interested in providing long term customer satisfaction. As a small business owner myself, it was apparent that Rich was very interested and intent on providing the customer a broad selection and offering up advice and insights based on his many, many years of experience. Very large selection of cowboy and cowgirl hats as well as many other caps, sombreros, Australian, Irish....on and on type hats/caps. A fun experience!

Dan O., Phoenix

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