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Australian hats are built to endure many different weather climates. These hats are popular because they are durable and weather resistant and provide protection in rugged weather conditions including the Arizona desert. They are popular among hikers and provides the necessary sun protection against our intense sun. Heritage Hats in Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona carries a wide selection of aussie, outback and bush hats including Akruba, Henschel breezer, Outback Trading and Head 'n Home.

The Akubra is an Australian brand of bush hat, whose wide-brimmed styles are a distinctive part of the Australian culture. The name is believed to be derived from an aboriginal word for head covering and is a very popular hiking hat in the desert as well as many other climates.

The Outback Trading Company manufactures exceptional outdoor adventure outerwear- perfect for the cowboy, equestrian, and outdoorsman. Their time tested, weather proven Australian oil-skin, high-tech waterproof and breathable fabrics are perfect for work, travel, recreation, and sports.

The Henshel breezer hats combines a variety of fabrics and colors with mesh to create the newest design and style, sought after for all outdoor activities.

Our hiking hats come in several materials including canvas, cotton, oilskin and straws. If you are looking for a hiking hat in the outback hat style, check out our selection below. We do offer a larger selection in the store and some of the following styles are stocked in sizes up to 3x in an assortment of colors. We can also special order some of the hats that we may not have in stock.

We offer a larger selection in the store and look forward to helping you select the right "aussie" style for your individual fashion style and purpose.



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