We are proud to introduce the The Resistol® John Wayne Collection "Fort" Straw Hat. It pays tribute to the Duke and quoted in Cowboys and Indians magazine son Ethan Wayne says, “I know my dad would have had a real big smile on his face when he saw the care and attention to detail that the folks at Resistol are putting into each hat, as if they were making it for the man himself.” Get yours today at Heritage Hats!

We also offer John Wayne Collection's  "The Duke" and "The Fort" in felt.  Please visit our Western Felt Hat page for more details.

We hope you enjoy looking at our selection below that is available at Heritage Hats Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona.  We offer a larger selection in the store and we look forward to helping you select the right western straw for your individual fashion style and purpose.  You can't get more American than that!  If you are looking for a  western felt, please visit our Western Felt Hats page.

The western straw hat comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to help protect you during the long hot summer months in Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona.  This hat allows you to still have the western hat style of the felt while providing a more light weight and light colored alternative in the hot weather while providing you with the sun protection that is needed throughout the year.

There are few items in American history that carry such an iconic weight as the western cowboy hat.  This style of hat receives immediate recognition throughout the world and there is still something about the hat that continues to remind us of the tales of the wild, wild west. The western hat as we know it was created by John B. Stetson in 1865 and the design and construction of the hat remains unchanged today. After the turn of the 20th century, the western hat became the hat of choice for the working class of the American west and is still worn today by cowboys, ranchers and western enthusiasts around the world. The large brim  protects you from the sun and today there are a large variety of manufacturer's and styles to choose from.  We offer hats by Stetson, Bailey, Resistol, American, Atwood and Sunbody hats. We are proud to say we offer the largest selection in Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona.  If you are looking for a George Strait, Lonesome Dove "Gus" hat or a traditional hat, we have over 100 styles and colors in stock at all times.​

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